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At Whitelabeled Media, our edge comes from real-world experience. Founded by former Googlers Jarred and Victor, we bring firsthand insights from managing hundreds of accounts. Our journey through various marketing roles has honed our ability to truly scale e-commerce brands. When you partner with us, you're choosing an agency with a proven track record of success and efficiency. We don't just manage the channels below; we immerse ourselves in your business, ensuring personalized, effective strategies.

Google Ads

We're a Premier Google Partner and specilize in all campaigns types in Google Ads. This includes Search, Shopping, PMAX, and YouTube.

Meta Ads

We're a Meta Business Partner and know both Facebook & Instagram advertising in and out. Whether you need purchases or awareness, we got you covered.

Klaviyo Partners

As a Klaviyo Partner, we've proven that we mastered the art of designing and optimizing emails. Don't use Klaviyo? We can support others.

TikTok Shop

Haven't started advertising on TikTok? You could be missing out on major revenue. We've integrated this into most of our e-commerce brands.

Bigger doesn't Usually mean Better.

At Whitelabeled Media, we understand that the size of an agency doesn’t always equate to quality or success. Our focus is on building a strong, personal connection with each of our clients.

We've seen too many e-commerce businesses feeling overlooked in the vast client rosters of larger agencies, often overpaying for campaigns that underperform and lacking the individualized attention they deserve. Choosing us means opting for an agency that genuinely invests in your success.

We go beyond the conventional agency-client relationship, acting as true partners committed to your long-term growth.

Expert E-Commerce Growth Strategies

Growing an e-commerce store requires a very particular of set -- skills Whitelabeled has acquired over a long career (sorry Liam Neeson). But seriously, why would you hire an agency that hasn't personally grown their own brands?

Advanced Automations to Save Everyone Time

We provide our clients with cutting-edge automation tools and softwares valued at over $5,000, including: Automated Budget Pacing, Dynamic Reporting, Automated Campaign Optimization, Unlimited Marketing Creative, and more.

Data-Driven Insights and Recommendations

Don't go with your gut. Don't trust people who start sentences with "based on my experience". Marketing decisions can almost ALWAYS be made with data. With our agency, you'll always have data to back our decisions so you know we're not guessing.


Free Account Analysis

Let's hop on a 15-minute call to ensure we're a good fit. From there, we'll get you a free account analysis of your Google Ads or Meta Ads account.

You'll walk away with immediate action items to improve your performance. If you still decide not to partner with us, all good. Best of luck!

Request Account Analysis

Victor Velazquez


Jarred Whicker


Peter Eterno


Darcy Velazquez


Matthew Murnane


Tom Peterson

Consultant - Marketing Strategy

Some brands we've helped:

"Whitelabeled Media is an A+ advertising agency. Personal touch goes a long way with small business's and these guy crush it with learning your business and then implementing solutions! First things first they learn you, learn your needs, and then learn the brand. Once they have done their research which takes about 1 to 2 weeks they will come back with full report that will help both you and them."
Whitelabeled Media have been fantastic to work with. Took control of our google advertising accounts and helped us to scale whilst keeping within our KPIs. Would recommend to any company looking for experts to take over
"Whitelabeled Media has been amazing to work with - they've whipped our accounts into shape, maximized our return, and helped us so much as their client. Highly recommend if you're looking for an awesome extension to your marketing efforts and team."
"Whitelabeled Media's service goes above and beyond that of most marketing agencies. They are responsive, friendly, and engaged. They have robust reporting and offer comprehensive attirbution modeling, and they have been a pleasure to work with."

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